Dreamings, Schemings & Schematics

Although we are wannabe farmers, Jason and I have been designers forever. So, how do we start a new project? We examine our constraints, then start making diagrams and wireframes of course!

The land we bought comes with an old house, a horse barn, an office/workshop/garage and a requisite crappy shack. There are a few trees already there, but otherwise, it’s just acres of dirt. Very rich dirt, I should add, and some of the best in the country according to local lore.

not much there now ...
not much there now …

For a few months now, Jason and I have been reading every book about gardening and farming we can get our hands on, and collecting list of what we want to grow. Now that our offer on the property has been accepted, Jason drew some really neat before and after diagrams of what is already there, what we want to add and where it all will go.

This is what is on the property now:


And this is our dream for the future (so far):


2 thoughts on “Dreamings, Schemings & Schematics”

  1. I see the chicken tractors, but where is the chicken house for the moms and peeps? Then again, I suppose chicken tractors work just as well, and you don’t have winter weather to worry about, do you?

    My grandfather had beehives…there’s *nothing* like fresh honey. MMMMMMM (all capitals, definitely!)

    1. Good question:) I am torn between using the existing horse barn for chicken keeping, and building bespoke chicken accommodations. Though honestly, we have to put up a big perimeter fence before we get any chickens. Coyotes are pandemic to the area.

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