About the Farm

Birdsong Orchards was founded in 2013 to turn an old 8 acre fallow farm back into organic production. This land was originally an apple and dairy farm in the 1950s-60s, but has been unused since the 1980s. Our goal is to plant a mixed variety of annual vegetables as well as a permanent fruit tree orchard to the highest organic standards. We plan to enrich and nurture the holistic health of this land to encourage biodiversity and environmental balance while growing the highest quality and tastiest produce. We plan to also add an educational component to our operations through workshops about organic farming and good eating.

Birdsong Orchards is the brain and love child of Nadine Schaeffer and Jason Wehmhoener.  After 30 cumulative years designing software, we are now turning some of our time and energy into designing a sustainable farm. Because we like to experiment and play with our food,  field trials exploring varieties of heirloom tomatoes, unusual Chinese herbs, and odd berries are all part of what we are planting here. We have a deep respect for the land, and are looking for ways to nurture the earth during this time of climate change while exploring new crops and cultivars for our area.


Apple Blossom 1

End of A Good Day

Mustard and Sky


Tomatillo Blossom

Sunset, Jan 1, 2014

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