More Photos from the Farm

We were back at the farm on Thursday to do the requisite inspections before closing escrow.  After writing large checks to the building, termite, septic and well inspectors, we learned, quel surprise, there is a lot of broken to fix. Not shocking when buying a 50-year-old farm-house, but, sigh.

Here are some more pictures of the place I took while we were there.


Apricot Glow
The apricots, still going strong

Back of House
Back yard

Moving irrigation pipes around – my future.

Front of House
Front of the house.

Front of House 2
See that empty pool in front? I have always wanted to grow water lilies and lotus.

Antique incinerator, to dispose of the evidence I suppose 🙂

Massive Monterey Cypress
There are a few huge old Monterey cypress on the property that cast some delicious shade.

Water Tank
Water tank is rusty but the well produces a whopping 60 gallons a minute. In California, living on top of an aquifer is pure gold.

Apricot Sun Flare
Forgive me, I have a soft spot for sun flares.