Topology, Topography & Big Machines!

It’s been a busy week at our farm to be. It seems that every time we need help in a specific expert kind of way, the right person just appears to help us. When we were leaving Santa Cruz, a neighbor introduced me to Art Morales, who is a local irrigation specialist. Art, in turn, introduced to Antonio who I shall now always think of as the Man with Big Machines. We originally called Antonio to help us plant our cover crop for the winter. However, this man, well, he and his crew can do it all. He walked our property and immediately suggested we rip out the arena, to return an acre or so of land to farm production and put in a ditch to open up the lower field to potential perennial production. He also offered to tear down our crappy shack and remove some intrusive trees. All for an extremely reasonable price. When I saw his quote, my response was simply, HELL YEAH. So, it’s been a week of earth moving and big machines. And for those of you who love big machines, here are some pictures to enjoy.bigmachines Excavate GoodByeArena MiniMountains