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Duchesse d'Angouleme Pears

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The original pear tree Duchesse d'Angouleme was observed by M.Anne Pierre Andusson, growing in a farm garden in Anjou. Recognizing the qualities of this pear he procured several scion to graft. Later he sold the trees, in 1812, under the name of Poire des Eparannais. In 1820, he sent a basket of the fruit to the Duchesse d' Angoulême, with a request to be permitted to name the pear in honor of her. The request was granted, and the pear has since borne its present name.

Duchesse d’Angouleme pears are known to be particularly large in size. The shape tends to be irregular and bumpy, with a beautiful golden yellow skin sometimes covered with russet netting and some brown spotting (it’s supposed to look that way!). The flesh of this pear is buttery and melting, and the flavor is rich and unique.

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