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Birdsong Orchards

Green Walnuts

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Green walnuts are the immature form of the walnuts you already know and love. They have an intense and unique aroma and flavor. Specialty produce describes them as:

"Beneath the skin, the walnut is white and underdeveloped with a gelatinous, sticky, and syrupy consistency. Green Walnuts are highly aromatic with a bright spiced-citrus flavor intertwined with notes of pine and bay leaves. The nuts have an astringent taste with orange, nutmeg, and all-spice notes and a strong, bitter finish."

Our ancestors figured out how to capture their essence in various ways, the most famous of which is nocino, an indescribably rich liqueur. Here is a recipe. They can also be pickled, turned into jam or molasses.

$12 per pound