Heirloom Apple Box

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Try this collection of outstanding heirloom apples you just cannot find in the stores. This box currently features:

  • Cox's Orange Pippin: the finest English dessert apple
  • Red Gravenstein: a red sport of the classic Sonoma apple
  • Cinnamon Spice: yes! it tastes like cinnamon and spices
  • Ashmead's Kernel: flavor is OMG amazing and unlike any other apple, with notes of hazelnuts, citrus, pear and caramel.
  • Orlean's Reinette: a complex flavor similar to sweet oranges, tangerines, or other citrus, with a nutty finish.
  • Kidd's Orange Red: one of the best all-around apples with a sweet, tart flavor, especially good for baking and cooking.  

Please remember, all apples can be safely stored in your refrigerator for months.

Eight pounds for $30