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Birdsong Orchards

Persimmons & Hoshigaki Workshop - December 3rd

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Join us on Sunday, December 3rd from 1 pm to 3 pm for a discussion of growing and eating persimmons and a hands-on demonstration of making Hoshigaki.

We will walk up to the persimmon trees in the orchard, and discuss sourcing, planting, pruning, fertilizing and growing these beautiful trees. I’ll introduce the dozen or so varieties we grow and discuss the  crucial difference between astringent and non-astringent types. Then we will gather for a practical lesson teaching you how to make hoshigaki at home.

Hoshgaki is an ancient Japanese technique for drying astringent persimmons, hanging and drying them over a month while carefully hand massaging them. The result is often called the Kobe beef of dried fruit, for it is astonishing and outstanding. It also makes a great holiday snack and gift.

Each attendee will go home a few prepared Hoshigaki ready to dry and a bag of persimmons for making more.

To keep it cozy, this workshop is limited to 25 people.

Suitable for ages 16 and up.

Please wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and bring a water bottle. We will walk about a mile total on a gentle slope.

$55 per person