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Birdsong Orchards

Rubinette Apples

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The Rubinette is considered by many the best-flavored apple (I know, I know, I keep saying they are all the best). It is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious. 

The Rubinette apple was developed over a period of eighteen years in Rafz, Switzerland by a man named Walter Hauenstein. It was introduced in 1964, but not released until 1982. The apple was trademarked as 'Rafzubin', as a nod to its city of origin, and can be found under this moniker in Switzerland. Rubinette's flavor comes almost primarily from Cox's Orange Pippin, but shape similar to Golden Delicious.

This apple has an unsurpassed balance of sweetness and sharpness with the Cox's aromatic qualities. There are rich flavors of oranges and lemons, plus a little nuttiness and vanilla as well.  The fruit is medium sized with bright red striping over golden ground color and slight russeting. I think it’s so pretty and tasty, I named my car after it.

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