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Ashmead's Kernel Apples

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Maybe the ugliest apple I grow. Also slow to bear fruit and not a reliable cropper. But the flavor is OMG amazing and unlike any other apple, with notes of hazelnuts, citrus, pear and caramel.

Ashmeads Kernel is a very old traditional English russet apple. It remains popular for its truly distinctive and unique flavor. Although often considered as a connoisseur's dessert apple, Ashmead's Kernel is actually quite versatile. It can be used for cooking, or sliced in savoury salads, and it keeps very well in a cold storage. 

Ashmead's Kernel is one of the oldest apple varieties in the UK dating back to around 1700. The fact that it has survived over 300 years is due to its unique and fabulous flavor, reminiscent of pears, spices and nuts.

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