Welcome to our Farm

We grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and flowers to celebrate the diversity, flavor, beauty and joy of regenerative farming on the California Central Coast.

We moved to this property in the Pajaro Valley of Santa Cruz county to plant a permanent fruit tree orchard and flower field to the highest standards of regenerative farming. We grow all of our crops through deeply sustainable practices to enrich and nurture the holistic health of this land. Our goal is to encourage biodiversity and environmental balance while growing produce of the highest quality. You can learn more about our farm here.

  • Fruit

    We grow over two hundred kinds of fruit trees, with an emphasis on heirloom and the unusual.

    Fruit Varieties 
  • Flowers

    Our you pick flower field features over 500 roses as well as other perennial delights.

    You Pick Roses 
  • Animals

    We didn't really intend to start a small zoo ... but we deeply enjoy sharing our time and land with dogs, cats, chickens, llamas, an alpaca, and yes, two emus.

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