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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ below to find answers to the most common questions before contacting us. Time is our most precious resource! It may take a day or two to respond to inquiries. Thank you for your understanding. 

Q. Can I visit your farm?

A: We are open by appointment only. Please visit our store to make a purchase and schedule a reservation. This private residence is both a working farm and our family home. Thank you for respecting our personal boundaries and privacy. We cannot accommodate drop-in visitors.

Q. How do I visit the You Pick Roses field?

A: Schedule an appointment here.

Q: Do you sell fruit trees and/or rose bushes?

A: Although we currently only sell fruit and flowers, we are planning on building out a nursery in the next year or so, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are seeking high quality fruit trees, we highly recommend Trees of Antiquity where we have sourced most of our trees. 

Q: Is this <insert name of fruit> available for purchase? When will any particular variety be available?

A: Fruit availability is subject to seasonality and the whims of Mother Nature. We will always list anything that is currently available for purchase in our online store, and we'll let you know what's happening in our newsletter as well, so please subscribe!

Q: Do you sell wholesale, or seconds in bulk for jam, wine making, etc?

A: While we do not have a separate wholesale rate, you are welcome to buy in large quantities at our usual retail prices. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a larger order than you are able to find listed in the online store. We do not sell seconds. 

Q: Are dogs allowed on your farm?

A: We love dogs! However, we also have 35 animals and livestock on our farm who do not appreciate canine strangers, so we ask that you leave your dogs at home.

Q: Do you do flowers for weddings and events?

A: We offer DIY pre-picked flower buckets for events, but we do not offer custom floral work. Please use the form below to get in touch and let us know what you are seeking.

Q: Is Birdsong Orchards available for private parties and corporate events?

A: Yes, we can accommodate small groups of 25 people and under for a variety of activities. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Q: Can I come take pictures of your farm?

A: Journalists: please use the form below to schedule a time with us directly to visit.

Commercial photographers: we charge $50/hr. Again, please use the form to get in touch and arrange a time.