About our Farm

We founded Birdsong Orchards in 2013 to turn an old 8 acre fallow farm back into production. This land was initially cultivated as an apple and dairy farm in the 1950s-60s. The original farm closed in the 1980s, and the land laid empty until we moved in.

Baby trees first planted in 2014!

Baby trees first planted in 2014!

We bought the property to plant a permanent fruit tree orchard to the highest standards of regenerative and natural farming. We have also planted a smaller plot of perennial flowers for florists, you-pick customers and the pollinators. We grow all of our crops through deeply sustainable practices to enrich and nurture the holistic health of this land. Our goal is to encourage bio-diversity and environmental balance while growing produce of the highest quality and taste.

5 years later - maturing and fruit producing trees in 2019

5 years later - maturing and fruit producing trees in 2019

Why do we do it?

  • To show that agriculture and nature can co-exist in harmony

  • To prove that small scale organic farming can be viable

  • To provide hope in the face of climate crisis

  • To create a template for local farming in uncertain times

Birdsong Orchards is the brain and love child of Nadine Schaeffer and Jason Wehmhoener.  After over 40 cumulative years designing software, we are now turning some of our time and energy into designing a sustainable farm. Moving from pixels to atoms is a deeply rewarding and welcome switch. Because we like to play with our food, we are planting and experimenting with hundreds of different species and varieties of tree fruits. We have a deep respect for the land, and are looking for ways to nurture the earth during this time of climate change while exploring new crops and cultivars for our area.

Birdsong Orchards is located in the Pajaro Valley, in the south of Santa Cruz county, California. This region has historically grown apple trees for over 100 years.