Orleans Reinette Apples

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The Orleans Reinette was first mentioned growing in the lowlands of France in 1776, although the exact parentage is unknown. The word "reinette” likely comes from the Latin word renatus, meaning “rebirth,” and does not derive from the French word for “queen.” It refers to several French apple varieties, including the Orleans Reinette. 

Orleans Reinette apples are medium-sized, plump apples with yellowish-green skin, orange russet, and a red blush. The skin is a rough classic russet texture, and very crunchy. The texture of the flesh tends to be dry and dense. The flavor is similar to sweet oranges, tangerines, or other citrus, and has a nutty finish. Overall, the flavor is very complex—it goes well with buttery, nutty cheeses such as raw milk Swiss-style cheese. 

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