Jubilant Irrepressible Spring

Jubilant Irrepressible Spring

Technically it’s still winter for a few more weeks, fine, but the weather, the plants, the birds and my very soul say spring is here, and it is glorious. The first daffodils are blooming, the first of the stone fruit trees as well, the birds are getting jiggy and the earth is alive everywhere I look. It’s time to open the farm to visitors once again. I missed you all.

Spring Roses: A Workshop of Gardening Delight

 Come to our farm to learn all about planting, pruning, and growing roses as well as cutting roses for bouquets. All guests will take home a potted rose plant from some of our favorite varieties.

March 9th from 10 am to 12 pm  more info and reservations

Rose Sale & Open Orchard Days!

Saturday & Sunday, March 16th -17th

Come enjoy spring time on the farm. I have hundreds of roses for sale, and the orchard is full of daffodils and fruit tree blossoms. Enjoy a walk amid the trees, the flowers, and browse our over 500 roses for sale. We will be open from 10 am - 3 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Scroll down to the bottom of this email or page to see a  list of the rose varieties that will be available. I am accepting advance orders for pick up at the farm only. Some varieties are extremely limited, I only have 2-3 plants available, so definitely get in touch if you want to pre-order them. No shipping, sorry.
Please contact me to reserve your rose plants

Fertilize your Fruit Trees

It’s that time! Feed your trees so they can feed you. This guide from Peaceful Valley is an excellent overview of how to determine if you need to feed your trees and how much to give them. The short version is, look at your trees, measure and take note if they grew last year. If they only gave a few or no new short shoots in 2023, not much new grow of note, then feed them!

If you only have a few trees to feed, Gardner & Bloome Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer is a good product carried at many local nurseries. If you have a lot of trees, then I recommend getting 50 pound bags from Boyer Fertilizer down here in Watsonville. Give them a call to place an order, they are super nice to work with.

I will be feeding mostly apples, peaches and figs in our orchard. They didn’t grow much taller last year at all. The apricots, plums and pears seem to be growing vigorously without additional food. Too much fertilizer can disrupt soil health and natural tree growth, so there is no point wasting time and money on fertilizer unless absolutely necessary. Instead, I hope to flag down some tree trimmers this summer for their tree mulch and feed our soil as well.

Birdsong Roses Varieties for March, 2024

All roses are $25 plus tax
Please contact me to reserve your rose plants

Bare Root Roses: very limited quantities

Barbra Streisand
Big Momma
Black Baccara
Bronze Star
California Dreamin
Francis Meilland
Girls Night Out
Romantica Ball Gown
Liv Tyler
Nicole Carol Miller
Abbaye de Cluny™
Blue Girl
Raspberry Cupcake
Tahitian Sunset
Quicksilver Arborose
Eden Climber
Eden Climber Red
Eden Climber Pretty in Pink
Eden Climber White

Own Root Roses:  available now, young Plants

Earth Angel Perfuma (2 plant limit)
Peter mayle
Belindas dream
Veranda Lavender
Sweet Spirit
Enchanted Peace
Hot Cocoa
Mother of Pearl
Leonardo da Vinci

Own Root Roses, two years old, limited quantities

Eleganza Fiji
Eleganza Sunny Sky
Eleganza Beverly
Eleganza Gypsy Soul
Summer Romance Perfume
Bliss Perfume
Tequila Sunrise
Pink Traviata
Roxanne Veranda
Cecile Bruner
Blanc Double de Coubert


This is not a rose, but still so pretty. It's an anemone. I will have little bouquets of them available at our open orchard day and rose sale.

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