Slow Start to Summer - Time for a Sale!

Slow Start to Summer - Time for a Sale!

Like many farmers, I am a weather nerd and read about weather trends constantly. I am astounded to report this has been the coldest, wettest spring since we bought this property 10 years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome the cool, the water, the replenished aquifers (ours went up by 10 feet!), and the respite from fires. But it hasn’t been great for stone fruit. I suspect I will only harvest 20-30% of what we brought in last year. Because of the cool weather and lack of fruit, we shut down the farm for a few weeks at the start of July. The rose field was cut heavily, and there just wasn’t anything to sell.

Nonetheless, we have fruit now! The peaches and plums are rolling in and I want to share them with you. We have a new flush of potted roses and roses to cut in the field too. So mark your calendars for our fruit and flower sale next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, July 29 - 30, 10 am - 2 pm.

Sale Details

Limited quantities, while supplies last. No holds, no pre-sales.

Potted roses ON SALE!
- 1 gallon $15
- 2 gallon $20

Yellow Shiro Plums ON SALE!
- 5 lbs $10
- 10 lbs

Yellow Peaches
- 3 lbs $12
- 9 lbs $35

Mixed stone fruit boxes
8 lbs fruit
- $30 each

There will also be cut flowers, bouquets, t-shirts and more available for purchase. Stop on by!

Shiro Plums

You Pick Roses are back this weekend only!

Grab a bucket of blooms to take home and fill all your vases and house with bouquets. Make your reservation here.

Some of the Potted Roses for Sale

Here are just a few of the gorgeous new varieties of roses we have to offer this weekend. We have roses for pots and climbers too!

Elle Rose
This is Elle and she is a stunner.

Moonlight Romantica Rose
Moonlight Romantica is a very soft yellow with generous blooms and a strong honey sweet fragrance.

All American Magoc rose
All American Magic shows beautiful striping, sometimes in shade of orange and yellow as well.

And for the rest of the season ...

We won’t be doing our CSA this year. Sadly the fruit harvest got off to such a slow start the timing didn’t make sense, but hopefully we will bring it back next year.

We will be opening on the weekends for fruit and flowers as we have inventory, probably a few times a month. I will announce dates and times through this newsletter and social media. I do suspect it's going to be a great pomme fruit harvest. I m already anticipating and salivating over all the apples, pears and quince settting up and starting to put on weight and color in the orchard.

Savor that Summer

I see people getting really excited for autumn, but delicious summer is still here, and it’s worth savoring every last tasty drop of it. I’ll leave you with a poem to indulge in the joys of high harvest season.

The Roses by Mary Oliver

One day in summer

when everything

has already been more than enough

the wild beds start

exploding open along the berm

of the sea; day after day

you sit near them; day after day

the honey keeps on coming

in the red cups and the bees

like amber drops roll
in the petals: there is no end,

believe me! to the inventions of summer,

to the happiness your body

is willing to bear.

Damson PlumsDamson plums, coming soon

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