Summer Stone Fruit Starting Now!

Summer Stone Fruit Starting Now!

Our fruit season is finally here, huzzah! We have peaches for sale now as well as rose bouquets, and plums for sale starting next week. We are doing sales a little differently this year, because of covid19  safety concerns. All fruit must be purchased in advance at our online store. Pick up at the farm is available on Wednesday and Saturday from 1 - 6 pm only. Check the store for what is available, and I will also announce availability on our Facebook page. It’s looking like a great season in the orchard, and a full range of peaches, plums and figs will be ripening over the next few weeks. 

Roses for BLM

So many people more eloquent than I have written so many words about Black Lives Matter. I have been looking for a way to contribute and have decided to donate 50% of You Pick Roses proceeds, from Jun 19 - July 19, to the Movement for Black Lives.  Come spend an enjoyable hour wandering our flower field, pick and take home gorgeous fragrant roses for a cause whose time is long overdue.

Black lives matter

@emilyroseflorals & @laceandlilies designed this gorgeousness. The flowers were grown & donated by @littlehollowflowers @littleseedflowerfarm @ccsflowertruck & @mmcutflora!


Nocino is a fragrant and delicious dark brown liqueur from the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. It is made from unripe green walnuts, which we have available right now for a limited time!

Nocino has an aromatic but bittersweet flavor. To make this rare and fabulous treat, green walnuts are steeped in pure alcohol or vodka, and then the walnuts are removed and the alcohol is mixed with simple syrup. It is often homemade; Italian villages and even individual families often have their own (oftentimes secret) recipes, including different additions like cinnamon, juniper berries, lemon or orange zest, vanilla pods, coffee beans, or clove. The spices are added lightly, to avoid overpowering the flavour of the walnuts. Here is one recipe, and there are many more available online.
Green walnuts


I used to think I should keep my politics separate from my farming. These days, that sentiment seems like a luxury of privilege. As many of you know, before I was a fruit farmer,  I was a designer for many decades. So, I just finished this cute and innocuous floral illustration. I hope you like it.
Fuck Fascism Forever
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