Ten Years a Farmer

Ten Years a Farmer

This Fall marks ten years since we started this farm, moved to this land, and began a voyage of transformation. Like every tale and fable of adventure I have ever read, I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me. I thought we would plant some trees, and so we did. I thought we would watch them grow, and so we have. But I had no idea how much I would grow and change as well. I did not initially plan for a you pick rose field, nor rose nursery. Emus were certainly not on any bucket list.

The greatest surprise and delight has been the community of friends, neighbors, volunteers and supporters who have grown around this farm. So, thank you, my deep thanks extend to everyone who reads this newsletter, visits our farm, likes my posts and supports us in this crazy grand adventure in any and every way. We dreamed a forest into existence with the help of so many hands.


As we enter into the winter season, the farm slows down externally, but is furiously busy behind the scenes. Just as the trees drop their leaves while growing deep roots for the season to come, we also retreat from external activity but are not idle. This is the time to prune, to plant, to plan and to provide fertilizer both literal and metaphorical for the season to come.

I am super excited for the year ahead. We are planning lots of new workshops, farm days, planting more roses, more fruit trees and other plants too. This is the dreaming time of year, ripe with possibility. I can see The Future, and it will be green.


We have a few workshops coming up. This Saturday I will teach a Winter Rose Care class. This is the time to prune your roses and set them up for a successful growing season.

Next up is Winter Tree Pruning, which is honestly my absolute favorite farm chore. I will do this workshop twice, on January 13th and January 27th, and demonstrate how to prune deciduous trees during the dormant season. We will look at young and old trees including apples, pears, walnuts, plums, peaches, apricots, pomegranates and persimmons as well as discussing the trees not to prune this season such as citrus and avocados.

Finally I have a brand new workshop this winter I am so thrilled to offer, Figs for the Home Garden. This hands on workshop will cover how to start fig trees from cuttings, using several different methods. All participants will go home with figs to root and grow as well as all the knowledge you need to grow them successfully.


Tis the season. If you are looking for holiday gifts, I put together two new clothing offerings for the cooler weather. This cozy hoodie I am wearing right now, it’s my favorite. I also made a long sleeve version of the Listen to the Trees t-shirt, and I would be wearing that too, but Jason snapped up my sample immediately. All of our other t-shirts , stickers and cards are available online as well.

I started a new winter art project, drawing the fourteen different classes of heirloom chrysanthemums. The first four are available as coasters. As always, Birdsong Orchards gift certificates are available as well and can be redeemed at any time in the year.


Our volunteer season is in full swing. Come help plant, prune, plan and dream for the season to come. All farm volunteers get free rose plants, free fruit or flowers! We started a new volunteer email list to make it easier for people to know when to come. Send me a note by replying to this email if you would like to be added.

Happy holidays everyone!


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