Welcome to the New Year - Open Orchard Day: Sunday, February 20th, 12-6 pm

Welcome to the New Year - Open Orchard Day: Sunday, February 20th, 12-6 pm

The darkest days of the winter are past, and our trees are unfurling from bare branch and into bloom. The Ume plums were the first to explode at the end of January, and now some of the apricots, peaches and plums are wakening as well, each variety with a slightly different blossom and smell. So we want to share that with you! Come visit the farm next Sunday afternoon, for a leisurely stroll through the orchard. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the flowers.

Since it has been a while since I have written, here is a foretaste of the season to come on the farm:

You Pick Roses
We are planting so many more roses, around 500 in total, the most exciting of all the 2022 projects. The you pick rose field should be twice as exciting this year, with lots of new varieties to enjoy.
We will open the you pick roses field at the end of April, and I’ll send out another email a month before to open up reservations, with an early bird discount code.

Fruit and Flower Subscription Boxes

After last years success, we will definitely be offering subscriptions again, starting in June, with more details to come

Fruit Sales

We will continue to sell fruit directly from our website for pickup at the farm, also starting in late June.

I look forward to seeing our farm friends next Sunday and during the flower and fruit season to come.
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