Winter is Coming, Cozy Season is Here!

Winter is Coming, Cozy Season is Here!

The days are short now, with the sun setting around 4:30 pm, and we are getting frost at night. All my friends in colder climates, go ahead and laugh hard at my tiny weather whine :)

I am not really complaining. Our deciduous trees need the cold, the "chill hours," to set fruit for next year, and me, I need the long dark evenings to rest. It's been a great year at the farm, our best yet with over 10,000 pounds of fruit harvested. But I have to be honest, I am tired.

We still have a few more events before we close for a little over a month for the winter solstice, and lots of online holiday cheer as well. Read on for details!

Wreath Workshop - Saturday November 26th

We still have spots for our workshop next Saturday, and I have been drying roses, greenery, silvery accents and more to make your wreaths special. Reserve your tickets here >>

A holiday wreath
Wreath photos courtesy of Jessica Tunis

Winter Plant Sale

We will be having a plant sale on Saturday, Decemmber 10th, from 10 am to 2 pm. Potted roses, ranunculus, anemones, forced narcissus, stock, delphiniums,  and more will be available! This is the last day of the year our farm will be open for the year, so please stop by!

Check out this daucus to die for. The variety is Purple Kisses. I will have 6 packs and 4 inch pots available.

Gifts For All, Order Now for the Holidays

When I am not farming, I am drawing. Those drawings are available as t-shirts, cards, stickers, or totes - fabulous gifts for all. Gift certificates are also for sale and can be redeemed for fruit and flowers as well as gift items.

To eliminate waste, I use a print on demand service, which means every order is custom made for you. To allow a few weeks for manufacturing and shipping, order soon for the holidays.

Shop t-shirts
Shop stickers and cards
Shop totes
Buy a gift card

Happy holidays everyone. See ya in the new year!



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