You Pick Roses on Sale & The Fruit Forecast

You Pick Roses on Sale & The Fruit Forecast

Super Special You Pick Rose Sale!

Our rose field is peaking, and we don’t want these gorgeous blooms go to waste. So from now until June 1st, you pick buckets are 25% off, for only $30 each. Get your reservations here! You are welcome to make a reservation now to get the discount and come visit us later this spring or summer to gather your roses.

The Fruit Forecast

It’s been such an interesting year so far for a fruit grower. The winter rains were so heavy, late and the temperatures cold. All that weather affected our farm in a myriad of ways. Mostly, everything is late. Late to set flowers and late to set fruit. Our harvest seems 3-4 weeks later than last year across the  orchard.  Very sadly, the flowers on a lot of our fruit trees got knocked off in the rain which means no fruit for this year. Almost all the trees however show tremendous new growth. The tree roots and shoots love all that moisture. So next year might be an amazing harvest, we shall see, but this year not so much.

We will be offering our fruit and flower subscription this year, but it will start later, probably at the beginning of July. I will offer signups next month in June.

I should have some early figs, mulberries, currants shown in the picture above, goumi berries in a few weeks. There will be small amounts of apricots, loquats and ume too. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know!

And remember, our farm stand is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am, so you can always stop by to see what we have available.

Late Spring Tasks

May and June are my last chance to fertilize any trees that look like the could use a little extra for the season. This year I am focused on the peaches that got hit hard with peach leaf curl and defoliated. I’ve been using a little of this and a little of that for fertilizer: composted horse manure, liquid fish, organic granular fertilizer and my favorite, llama poop. I tell ya, it’s the shit.

It’s still the season of fruit thinning. I’ve done most of the peaches, and now it’s on to the apples and pears. I have a general fondness for thinning, but it’s a lot of work. I am extremely grateful to the volunteers who have been helping this year. Thanks friends! If you’d like to join our merry crew, please get in touch.

New T-Shirts

In the winter when it’s too mucky to do farm work, I draw. Mostly, and not surprisingly, I draw flowers and trees.  I have always secretly wanted to be a botanical illustrator, it’s true. Jason reworked some of these drawings into new t-shirt designs, and I think they turned out really well. They are available for sale online and at the farm stand too. Take a look!

One Beautiful Thing

I don’t grow wisteria, but I love them. This wisteria at a Japanese garden, the Ashikaga Flower Park, is the most exceptional and enormous I have ever seen. The rest of the garden is amazing too. Enjoy visiting this amazing garden in peak bloom, without getting on a plane!


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