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Warren Pears

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The Warren pear tree was named for Thomas O. Warren, a founding father of the North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX), who discovered this gem in Mississippi, in 1976.

Warren pears are highly favored for their soft, juicy texture and complex taste and are especially loved by chefs and pear enthusiasts. Despite their flavorful reputation, Warren pears are not commercially cultivated as each tree takes over five years to bear fruit, significantly delaying production. Warren pears are also deemed challenging to grow due to specific pollination requirements, localizing the variety to specialty orchards as a rare, gourmet cultivar.

The Warren pear is medium to large, long-necked, drop-shaped fruit is faded green with an occasional red blush in full sun that can vary dramatically in size and shape. The fruits are heavy and dense, attached to the tree by a thick and fibrous, dark-brown stem. The skin is smooth, thin, and easily punctured, showing many superficial scars, The Warren pear flavor is sweet, spicy and very juicy, buttery, silky flesh with no grit.

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