Fall Workshops at Birdsong Orchards

Fall Workshops at Birdsong Orchards

Hi Farm Friends

Here we are in the almost Autumn, and it’s definitely harvest season. The apples, pears and quince are flowing off the trees. The annual flock of Brewers blackbirds have returned in their noisy graceful swarms to eat seeds in the dry fields around us. I can viscerally feel each day getting a bit shorter now, a little less light, a little less time to farm, more time to dream.

I’m so excited to be hosting a series of fun workshops, tours and tastings at the farm over the next few months, some old and some new, partnering with some of my favorite people.

The farm stand will continue to be open every Saturday 10 am - 2 pm in October as well.
Stop by for a taste of the harvest.

Autumn Orchard Walk and Fruit Tasting

It’s a wonderful time of year to walk amongst the trees and taste all the wonderfulness they have made this year. In this workshop, we will talk about selecting varieties, sources for saplings, planting pomme trees, pruning, watering, fertilization, thinning and harvesting as well as common apple diseases and pests in our climate. We will also be tasting and eating some delicious apples and pears.

There are two dates for this workshop. Read more about them and purchase tickets by clicking the links below.

Orchard Walk on Sunday Sept 24, 10:30 am
Orchard Walk on Sunday October 8, 10:30 am

A path along mature apple trees with fruit

Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

Nothing sings of the holidays like making a seasonal wreath to decorate your space. Join us for a hands on workshop where you will make your own wreath to take home. We will have all the materials you need including a range of beautiful foliage, flowers and greenery to include in your creation.

The multi-talented Jessica Tunis will be returning to lead this workshop, and I will be there for backup help as well. For beginners who have never made a wreath before, Jessica will guide you through the basic techniques of wreath making and help you craft a unique design to take home. For advanced wreath makers, we will provide all the supplies to create a masterpiece.

Wreath Making on Saturday, Nov 18th. 
1-3 pm
Wreath Making on Saturday Dec 2, 10 am

Wreath with evergreens and red berries

Persimmons & Hoshigaki Workshop

Join us for a discussion about growing and eating persimmons and a hands-on demonstration of making Hoshigaki.

Hoshgaki is an ancient Japanese technique for drying astringent persimmons, hanging and drying them over a month while carefully hand massaging them. The result is often called the Kobe beef of dried fruit, for it is astonishing and outstanding. It also makes a great holiday snack and gift.

We will walk up to the persimmon trees in the orchard, and discuss sourcing, planting, pruning, fertilizing and growing these beautiful trees. I’ll introduce the dozen or so varieties we grow and discuss the  crucial difference between astringent and non-astringent types. Then we will gather for a practical lesson taught by the peerless Roxy Lo teaching you how to make hoshigaki at home.

Saturday Nov 11 10 - 12
Sunday, Dec 3, 1-3

Cut persimmons on a cutting board

More Workshops to Come

I am plotting some more fun and informative workshops for later into the dark season and next year as well. Some topics on my mind are:
- Cool Weather Flowers
- Winter Rose Care
- Winter Orchard Pruning

Is there a workshop you would like to see taught here? Please let me know!

Wockson apples on a tree

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